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It is said that all change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and beautiful when we reach our dreams and goals.

For survivors of chronic stress or trauma, the beginning and middle can feel even harder.
As a chronic stress and trauma informed professional life and wellbeing coach I skillfully empower you to take small confident steps towards your dreams and goals. 
My name is Jean Sheridan and I care about your journey forward.
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Jean believes that each client is unique, with a particular combination of values, priorities and personality traits. Her job as a coach is to facilitate each individual’s movement forward. She does not believe in a one size fits all mentality and does not offer cookie cutter approaches, quick fixes, or blue-sky magical thinking. 


Through coaching we will explore your specific strengths, values, and priorities giving you confidence in moving forward with your intentions and goals.

Coaching with Jean helps you unravel the confusion allowing you to see more clearly, and supports you in moving forward with intention. Using an organic approach with a touch of playfulness, Jean meets you where you are and guides you in finding those precious "ahha" moments.

With a strong educational background, decades of experience, and too many trainings to list,  Jean brings deep competence to the table – just for you, when you need it. She is all about empowering you as a client – a trusting and caring presence helping you to illuminate your life with clarity.

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“Jean really hears me. She shares great insight without judgement. The coaching experience is subtle... it's like nothing is happening... until it is!”

Sarah O. (Artistic Director)



Please reach out when you're ready. I'd love to see if we're a good fit!
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