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The Full Story

Jean is curious by nature and has a deep love of learning. She has spent years perfecting her coaching craft. She is a change agent by nature, so it’s no surprise that she continues her studies to stay up to date with neuroscience and coaching practices. She stays abreast of current practices by reading and learning from professors and researchers at Yale, Stanford, and Harvard to name a few. 


In 1980 Jean was on a career path that did not suit her at all. She picked up the book “What Color is your Parachute” that completely changed her way of thinking about work and began her journey into returning to school to complete a BS and MS degree focusing on coaching and wellbeing. The field of coaching and the term wellbeing had not even entered our lexicon, but Jean knew that there was something between tennis coaching and therapy that didn’t exist yet and although she didn’t have the word for it she wanted to study it; figure it out. She took courses, workshops and training in areas of sports psychology, counseling psychology, neuroscience, creativity, mindfulness, yoga, personal wellness, and other related fields to try and bring together and help create a new field.

4 month solo cross Country bicycle trip


3 month 18 credit Cross Cultural Odyssey - Leadership and Diversity Training ​

Began teaching yoga and low impact aerobics at the YMCA​

Leading outdoor adventure trips for both teens and adults

Began teaching Time Management and Stress Management for The American Red Cross​

TA for Personal Wellness Course at Binghamton University​

Coordinated Wellness and Computer living modules at Binghamton University​

Began studying Mindfulness​​


Graduated with a BS - Multidisciplinary Studies - Concentration Holistic Health SUNY Empire State​

Focused on the empty space between therapy and sports coaching - we now call that space Life Coaching

1988 - 90

Graduate assistantship in Health Promotion for the SU Student Health Center

Graduate Studies in Health Education/Health Promotion with a concentration in Managing Stress and Corporate Wellness.

1990 -1995

Multiple trainings and workshops related to Wellness,  Healthy Lifestyle Coaching including Motivational Interviewing, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention and counseling; creativity and play.​

1990 - 1992

Special Project Coordinator and Supervision - Department of Health Onondaga County Health Department  + Train-The-Trainer for NYS HD​

1992 - 1995

Director of Health Promotion Student Services Syracuse University

Created and implemented new department for cultural change​

Taught credit course in Stress Management, Human Sexuality, and Human Services and Ethics​

Received an Honorary Award for Educator of the Year 

First ever non social worker  field placement supervisor for SU's School of Social Work​

1995 - 1996

Coordinator of Alcohol and Substance Abuse prevention Florida State University​

Received Above and Beyond Award ​

2003 - 2015

Success Coach and National Trainer JRL Enterprises, Inc.

Began studying improvisation and its usage as a tool for transformation.​


Yoga Level 1 teacher training - completed​

2012 - 2016

Various coaching workshops and training including Certified Coach Practitioner, EFT, Creativity Coaching, Human Design Coaching, and Emotional Intelligence​

2012 - 2016

 Yoga Level 2 teacher trainings - completed 3 modules

Multiple workshops focused on creativity including the Dali Museums Innovation Lab Creativity Boot Camp and Lego's Serious Play.​

Began laying the ground work for my private practice - contact me to schedule a session!​

2016 - present

Provide onsite corporate Wellbeing trainings - companies include Walt Disney World and University of South Florida​

2018 - 2022

12 week laser focused wellbeing habit change coaching - LifeDoJo platform

2019 - present

TaskHuman Integrative wellness coach and consultant. Wellbeing workshops including interactive "Virtual Team Connect" sessions to help foster lighthearted and deeper connecting between virtual coworkers. Plus Practicing Gratitude, Managing Stress, Practicing Self Care, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and other related topics.


ICF approved trainings

Dynamic Trio training - bringing the power of EMDR, Somatic, and Positive Psychology into the coaching space.

Chronic Stress and Trauma Informed Coaching Certification

Certified Professional Coach 

Working towards ICF credentialing.


ICF approved 75 hour Trauma Informed Coach Training

Current Coaching specialties include:

 #EmotionalResilience #ManagingStress #Mindfulness #Wellbeing #Self-Care #ValuesAndClarity #IntegrationCoaching #BreakupRecovery and more 

Superpower: deep listening and questions to help you think beyond the basics, a love of learning and deep curiosity

Accepting private clients 


$50/30 minutes

Discount packages upon request

*Sliding scale scholarships available.

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